Ben The Gamemaster

Description: Thin thirty-something guy in glasses. Overthinker often pondering better ways to do his work in databases when he should actually doing his work. Spends most of his non work-time on his computer, surfing the web or working out details of plots or scenerios for books he may someday write or for roleplaying games he may someday run. Lives with the love of his life, Cathy, and two kittens. Concerned about his ailing parents, about not having a degree yet and about finding friends. Would like to be a writer someday and retire on a cruise ship.


  • GPS Reliant Navigator (2)
  • Curious Web Browsing Daydreamer (2)
  • Exuberent SUPERVALU PeopleSoft Database Administrator (3)
  • Long-Time Gamer (3)

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Ben The Gamemaster

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