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Welcome to my new campaign. As you know if you’ve played with me or met up at the Western Suburbs Meetup Group, I have wanted to start a super heroes game for some time. _ I call this campaign “Heroic Us,” as I intend for players to play themselves gaining super powers. We will be using the freely available Risus system with any houserules we should come up with to make it more friendly to our tastes.

I want the gaming sessions to include the usual action we like to see with the superhero genre, but driven by player initative. What would you do if you had super powers? What fun and trouble might that lead to? Do we use our powers to make an impact on the entire world? Do we use them for personal gain? How does the group dynamic change how we might spend our time?

“Heroic Us”

Gamers get amazing high level super powers. What do they do? What. do. they. do?

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Main Page

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